zaterdag, december 18, 2004

Gara-gara membaca keputusan penutupan kamar tidur di BlogFam saya jadi teringat tulisan ini. Tiba-tiba saja.
About that hot sex organ of yours!

Scrap that mischievous smile off your face, I’m talking about your BRAIN. Yes, the same organ that executes your complicated mathematical equations can go a long way in letting you experience an earth-shattering orgasm.

We frequently hear that the brain is our largest sexual organ. It is the thing that makes sex enjoyable. You can’t feel pleasure if your brain don't allow you to. Therefore if you are physically stimulated but your brain is not in the mood for sex, everything goes down the drain.

Sounds like a limitation, doesn’t it? If your brain is not in the mood, then you can’t have that pleasure. But see it in another way. It is actually a plus point that breaks all limitations of getting a sexual pleasure.
Because it’s a mind thing, sex have no boundaries. Sexual fantasies can happen anywhere, anytime, with (or without) that desirable someone. You name it.
And you can say that it’s not real. A fantasy is a fantasy; but can you also say that the pleasure is not real? I doubt it. Didn’t Machiavelli himself said that the end justifies the means?

Well anyway, maybe you now have a completely different view about your brain. Your brain is sexy, because the sexiest sex happens between your ears!
Tulisan ini sebenarnya dibuat untuk ngelamar kerjaan sekitar 2 thn yg lalu. Kerjaannya memang didapat, tapi berhubung gak pernah ada follow up dari kedua pihak, jadinya status adem ayem keterusan sampe sekarang. Teuing ah.

another day goes by when W scribbled at 3:47 p.m.


Blogger rieke said...

kerjaan apa tuh wen? the sexiest sex happens between your ears! oo bijitu yak?

9:53 p.m.

Blogger durin said...

hah? ngelamar kerja apa Wen? Tapi setuju, the sexiest sex happens between your ears. Oral sex memang top! :D

10:14 a.m.


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