zaterdag, januari 03, 2004

My computer is officialy dead.

Dia datang sebagai hadiah ulang tahun 2 tahun lalu. Dan sekarang, mungkin dia sengaja memilih bulan ulang tahun saya untuk berpisah selamanya.
We've shared so many wonderful things for the past 2 years. May he rest in peace in computer heaven. I've chosen a farewell epitaph to grace his tombstone in the virtual burial ground.

Every time we say hello
to some new encounter
We're on our way
toward goodbye
Some distance from the actual phrase
but moving toward it all the same

(Rob McKuen, Caught in the Quiet)

In memoriam, my beloved compie (Januari 2002 - Januari 2004)

another day goes by when W scribbled at 4:58 p.m.