woensdag, maart 12, 2003

Tentang intuisi ortu

Saya lagi share sama frengsi tentang intuisi ortu. Ah kalo udah jauh dari rumah baru semua terlihat jelas...

To my father

You wonder what become of your son
you want to know more about me
you wonder
and if I come home you'll look me in the eye
and your smile searches for answers
you remember my letters, my cards
and the last time we saw each other.
And I wouldn't know what I have to say
to avoid your curiousity,
maybe I tell you something ordinary out of the blue
but your intuition
sharp and merciless
seizes my deepest darkest thoughts
and reveals
every secrets that I hide.

(Ernesto Rivas Arevalo)

another day goes by when W scribbled at 9:21 p.m.